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Our organization is dedicated to creating a better world for our canine friends. Our mission is to raise awareness, fight for change in laws, as well as supporting rescues.

Your Impact Through Donations

Fundraising for Rescues:

• Organizing events to raise funds for local dog rescues.

• Supporting rescues in their crucial work of caring for and finding homes for dogs.

Legal Advocacy for Animal Welfare:

• Starting fundraising campaigns to support improvements in animal welfare laws.

• Advocating for tighter regulations against unethical breeding practices and pushing for legislative change.

Direct Animal Care and Rescue:

• Occasional direct rescue and immediate care.

• Prioritizing foster care over shelter placements.

• Funding medical care and adoption promotion efforts.

Awareness and Education Campaigns:

• Educating the community about the severity of the dog overpopulation crisis.

• Highlighting the consequences of puppy stores, unethical breeding, rehoming practices, and irresponsible ownership.

• Spreading knowledge about local laws regarding illegal breeding and the importance of spaying/neutering.

• Engaging the public through various channels to increase awareness and promote responsible pet ownership.


Every donation helps us to extend our reach, rescue more dogs, fight for better laws, and educate our community. Donate now and be a part of this vital mission to bring about change for the betterment of dogs in Las Vegas and beyond.

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