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Every time a puppy is purchased from a breeder, it decreases the chance of a dog in the shelter being adopted and most likely ends up on the E-list. (yes euthanized)


The shelters are FULL, there is a shortage of foster homes and good forever homes. There are too many dogs in need which means they will either live their life in a kennel, be put down or starve on the streets. There are also too many bad dog owners, and irresponsible people getting dogs and not caring for them and ultimately they become one of those dogs in the shelter or live a sad life in a cage.

The #1 contributor to this issue is illegal breeders. Mostly found on Craigslist and Facebook.

Amateur dog breeders are just as bad as puppy mills. From selling inbred dogs that live painful lives or die from health issues to living alone in cages barely as big as them. They need to be found and stopped. 

Unethical breeders do NOT follow any laws or guidelines. They do NOT provide proper care. They will breed a mom more times than allowed, and only be let out of her cage to have puppies. She will be used for breeding until she can't do it anymore and then she will either be tossed out on the street or killed.

Fighting to crack down on puppy sales on CRAIGSLIST is a priority- 

The appeal to get a puppy off craigslist is, cheaper and quicker BUT certainly NOT worth it!

There is rarely a home check, which means anyone can get a dog. Craigslist has ZERO standards or oversight. They do not all go to good homes and are often sold too young. We need to stop allowing these greedy people to breed dogs and sell puppies with no regard for their well-being. We need to raise awareness to stop contributing to the people who choose profiting over animal welfare. As long as people are buying them, they will keep this vicious cycle of cruelty going.

PLEASE consider finding your new family member at a shelter. Saving a dogs life from a shelter will be incredibly rewarding and I assure you they will be forever grateful.


Also always be on the lookout in your neighborhood for ANY dog in need. Keep your eyes and ears open, WE ARE ALL THEY HAVE!!

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